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Multi-Server Installation#

Posit End User License Agreement

This page includes instructions for downloading Posit professional products. Download and/or use of these products is governed under the terms of the Posit End User License Agreement. By downloading, you agree to the terms posted there.

These instructions describe how to install Posit Package Manager on multiple Linux servers (High availability [HA] and load balancing). For alternative installation instructions, reference the Linux server installation instructions or Install Posit Professional Products overview.

Step 1: Install Package Manager on each server#

If you wish to install Package Manager on multiple Linux servers (HA and load balancing), you must install Package Manager on each individual Linux server.

If you haven't already, follow our single server installation instructions to install Package Manager on each server and then return to this page and continue to Step 2.

Step 2: Configure HA and Load Balancing#

Now that you have installed Package Manager on each of your Linux servers, you can now continue to the High Availability and Load Balancing section of this guide to complete the installation.