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Network File Systems#

Setting Package Manager up to use a network file system (NFS) for storage requires deciding between using a local SQLite instance or switching to an external PostgreSQL database. We'll look at how to configure Package Manager in both of these scenarios.


The first step for using an NFS mount is to change the data directory:

DataDir = /nfs/mnt/rstudio-pm

The Package Manager service user must have permissions to read, write, and create directories in this directory.

If you do not wish to switch to a PostgreSQL database, the SQLite storage location must also be on the local disk. This configuration should look like this:

DataDir = /mnt/rstudio-pm

Dir = /var/lib/rstudio-pm/db


A SQLite database moved to an NFS mount will become corrupt. Therefore, we recommend clearing your installation and restarting if this occurs. For more information, see the documentation on using SQLite as a database.

Using Amazon EFS (Elastic File System)#

While Package Manager supports EFS as an NFS storage provider, there are several best practices Posit recommends when integrating with the service. For more information, see the Using Amazon EFS (Elastic File System) with Posit Team page.